Support Us

Another huge thank you to all those who support our ministry - in whatever way: prayer, time, donations.

How can you help or continue your support for us?

The main way is by collecting and delivering non-perishable food to us. We particularly need:- Tins – Rice Pudding, Custard, Fruit, Vegetables, Baked Beans, Soup, Meat, Fish, Macaroni Cheese. Also - Cereal, Rice, Pasta, Tin Openers, Dog Food, Long Life Milk.

PLEASE phone us before making a delivery - thank you.

We belong to the Fare Share scheme that collects food from supermarkets and manufacturers that would otherwise become land fill but which we are able to pass on to people in need, while it is still within its useby date. We feel this is another way we are helping others and our environment, and going a tiny way to preventing waste of food. We have to pay a relatively small amount to Fare Share each month to help towards their costs. We also need to buy tinned food at times, so donations of money are always welcome.